The Pali Canon (Sutta Pitaka)

Mahayana Sutras

Diamond Sutra (Ver.1) Diamond Sutra (Ver. 2) Heart Sutra
Lotus Sutra Vows of Samantabhadra Sutra of Hui Neng
Amitabha Sutra Sutra of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra about Parents
The Brahma Net Sutra Enlightenment Sutra The Buddha's Last Bequest

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Sutra Commentaries

It seems as though the rivers of craving are running in every direction,' said Ajita,
'How can we dam them and hold them back?  What can we use to close the floodgates?'

The Buddha said: 'Any river can be stopped with the dam of mindfulness.  Caring and
thoughtfulness are the flood stoppers.  With wisdom you can close the floodgate.'

-- Sutta Nipata --

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