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NOTES:  This site map is incomplete. The site contains many hundreds of links. Listing all of them is impractical and unrealistic.
Primary pages are listed in Bold and open with the Frame Menu at the top of the page; except for the Home (Main Page). Other
pages, and links should, or will eventually open in a new, or pop-up window (a goal of the site uniformity initiative). A number in
[brackets] is the approximate number of link and page references except for e-mail redirect and page navigation aids on that page.
Titles with text in {Ellipses} indicate that page occurs elsewhere with a longer, or alternative title. Dates in (parentheses) indicate
the most recent update of that, or an included 'child' page. An indicates that the page is available from the Frame Menu.
Comments appear as plain text following a -- double hyphen. Text in (parentheses) annotates the page and/or page title.

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