Pure Land Teachings of Master Chu-Hung

From Pure Land Pure Mind
Translated by J.C. Cleary
Edited by Van Hien Study Group

Master Chu-hung (1535-1615), also known as Yun-ch'i or Lien-ch'ih, was (along with Han-shan Te-ch'ing and Tzu-po Chen-k'o) one of the three "dragon--elephants" or most illustrious monks of the Ming period. Together, they were responsible for the revival of Buddhism in sixteenth century China, a revival which still influences Buddhism today.

Trained as a monk in both the Zen and Pure Land traditions,  Master  Chu-hung  emphasized  strict observance of monastic discipline, active participation of laymen in Buddhist life and the dual practice of Zen and Pure Land.

The Supreme and endless blessingsof Samantabhadra's deeds,
I now universally transfer.
May every living beings, drowningand adrift,
Soon return to the Land of LimitlessLight!
The Vows of Samantabhadra, Avatamsaka Sutra

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