From Mountain Living
by Han-Shan Te-Ching (Silly Mountain, 1546-1623)
Translated by James M. Cryer

through a few splinters of
                            white cloud motionless
the Buddha wheel bright moon
                                          comes flying
to accompany me
                            in my mountain stillness
and I smile up at it
              above the dirty suffering world

it only took a single flake
              to freeze my mind in the snowy night
a few clangs to smash my dreams
              among the frosted bells
and the stove's night fire fragrance
              too is melted away
yet at my window the moon
              climbs a solitary peak

cloud scatter the length of the sky
              rain passes over
the snow melts in the chill valley
                            as Spring is born
and though I feel my body's like
              the rushing water
I know my mind's not
                            as clear as the ice