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BSPG-sbu no longer offers books for distribution. Links are included for titles that are available online- please respect the copyrights.
Others are, or were in print when this list was compiled, and might still be available via snail mail from a supplier of dead tree bi-products.

  The Dawn of the Dhamma

  Ven. Sucitto Bhikkhu

  Illuminations from the Buddha's First Discourse

  Food for Thought

  Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo
  (Phra Suddhidhammar Gambhiramedhacariya)
  Translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
  Read a review here
  The Way It Is-

  Ven. Ajahn Sumedho

  An excellent book, highly recommended!
  Also see...
  Living Meditation, Living Insight
  (the path of mindfulness in daily life)
  Dr. Thynn Thynn


  The Tree Of Enlightenment

  Dr. Peter Della Santina

  An introduction to the major traditions of buddhism

  Good Questions, Good Answers
  on Buddhism
  Ven. S. Dhammika

  Questions & Answers about Buddhism

  The Buddha And His Teachings (in print)
  Item 'EN096' listed in the "Books" section at: Maha Bodhi Buddhist Center
  Ven. Narada

  An excellent summary of the entire Theravadan Buddhist Pali
  Canon; includes a life story of the Shakyamuni Buddha
  How to Live Without Fear and Worry (in print)
  Available from: Kelemen Publishing House©
  Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

  Author of "What Buddhists Believe"

  Changing Destiny: Commentary on Liao Fan's Four Lessons (2nd Edition)
  Also see: Pure Land Learning Centers, Amitabha Buddhist Society of USA
  Master Chin Kung

  Translation by Silent Voices
  Read a brief passage from the introduction here
  Pure Land Pure Mind

  Ven. Chu-hung
  Ven. Tsung-pen
  Translation by J.C. Cleary

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