Below are the databases I use for the class. These files are available for anyone to use and download, but they are intended for instructional purposes only. I do not warrant that these data meet professional publishing standards. Persons outside the class who wish to use the files for research purposes should contact Jeffrey Segal. The files are SPSS portable files.
To download a file, click on it, and then click on File, Save, in your web browser. The files are in text format, not binary. Save the file to your hard drive. To run the file, open the file in any version of SPSS as a portable (*.por) file.
This file consists of data on each nominee since Earl Warren, including ideology, qualifications, and voting behavior on the Court. 
This file consists of survey responses collected by the class in homework 1. Data include standard demographic information, political views and knowledge, and attitudes about the Supreme Court. 
This is an abridged version of Harold Spaeth's Supreme Court database that keeps only orally argued cases, with citation as the unit of analysis. Many variables have been deleted as well. The file is over 1 mb, so click here for a zipped version of the file if you prefer. 
This is an abridged version of Harold Spaeth's Vinson Court database that keeps only orally argued cases, with docket as the unit of analysis. Though many variables have been deleted, I retained the preliminary votes, the conference votes, and the report votes, among others. 
This file provides the votes of every Senator in the Thomas nomination, as well as party and ADA scores. 
This file contains data on every case in which the Solicitor General filed an amicus brief between 1953 and 1981.